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You really do provide what your website says, "support 24/7!!. I would be still trying to sort out my Gazelle, 2 and a bit years down the track from purchase if you and Glendon hadn't helped me.
I've learned so much from all your tips, and when I've had problems, caused by me trying to outwit a machine! You have got me back to where I want to be. The generous way you share you knowledge and delightful WPC files is amazing.
The webinars are a great source of information, you show how things SHOULD BE DONE, and the comments and help the group provide is SECOND TO NONE.
It was a very lucky day for me when I met you and Glendon at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre. I have had previous experience with a smaller die cutting product, which, when it died, no one wanted to know me. This was certainly not the case when my Gazelle acted up after delivery. Your coming to Bendigo to sort out the problem has made me realize that all agents for die cut machines aren't the same!!

E.Davey, Bendigo

I have had my Bosskut Gazelle for around 4-5 years now and I am still getting after sale service, what other item do you ever buy that you can virtually get 24 hour's service if you have any problem even a minor one from any one other than Alisa and her wonderful group.
I have also joined the Yahoo group through encouragement by Alisa and have been amazed at the help and support you get from everyone on it, being either Alisa, Shell or any of the wonderful Ladies that may have come across the same problem as you. All willing to help straight away.
You can go to any of the show's Alisa has through the year and be greeted like you are a part of her family, if I need a new mat or blade it is sent to me immediately, nothing is too much trouble for Alisa.
I would like to Congratulate Alisa on a wonderful Business she is running with great successs, and for the NUMBER ONE SERVICE she always gives.

M. Avram, Eltham

Hi I would like to recommend Alisa and her site for being helpful and well priced I was unfortunate that I purchase my pazzles elsewhere but lucky for me I stumbled on to Klo's site and she referred me to Alisa's site. I receive no help from store I purchased from nor did they have the latest products.
What a blessing it was to find Alisa and have her help me. I also, because of this service was happy in the knowledge that if I purchased a Blackcat from her I would receive the help and advice needed. I found that not only did she assist in how to use my new toy she also help with my computer issues as I had decided to us the Mac (with Glendon) Although I think people should help with products they sell I think when the help with the computer side as well is a bonus.
I do however have one negative and that is Alisa seems to find new toys that I feel I need or want or must have Please stop finding these toys lol.
A very happy customer that would gladly recommend Alisa not only on the price of products but the above and beyond help she gives her customers Thank you

T. Arnold, Qld